3D laser tracking

Laser tracker are extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machines for industrial surveying. Our “FARO® Laser Tracker Vantage” has an accuracy of up to 0.015mm and can be used for various purposes.

Application examples:

  • Quality control of structural elements in plant and maschine construction, shipbuilding or wagon, vehicle and aircraft construction
  • Inspection of work pieces and preparation of measurement reports in the production process
  • Alignment, construction and adaption of machines and manufacturing plants
  • Positioning, fittings and testing by measurements in real-time
  • Inspection of machines and plants during maintenance operations
  • Reverse engineering for determination of extremely accurate digital 3D data
  • 3D comparisons of models and products or set-actual comparisons based on CAD-models

A laser tracker offers the ability to record the dimension of large objects (such as offshore installations) and to check their geometrical shape, tolerances and performance.

Using application-oriented software we are able to evaluate acquired geometrical shapes quickly and efficiently. It is partially possible to obtain results in real-time. Therefore measurements can be directly compared with nominal specifications of the product. The outcome is documented in particular reports and delivered to the customer.